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Sky Multiroom Setup

A Sky multi-room set up is possible with both Sky+HD and SkyQ systems. 

You can enjoy TV shows, films and music across multiple devices and rooms in your home or office. 

A basic way of controlling a single Sky or satellite set-top box is by using a magic eye unit. This gives you control of a single box in another location. This is achieved by installing a hard-wired connection between the box and its new viewing location. 

Full subscription multi-room allows a number of Sky or satellite boxes to work independently across the home or office. 



Great Installation

A standard installation for the Sky+HD set up would meaning running wired connections from each box back to a central location or multi-switch for larger systems or the dish for smaller setups. 

The SkyQ multi-room set-up is different and works using your Wi-Fi connection and network. We can build systems that are bespoke to the number of TV locations and boxes on your personal subscription.
Multi-room can also be achieved by using a centralized TV system.

This is the latest in multi-room technology, allowing the viewer to locate all the source equipment in one ‘hub’ or central location whilst offering full individual control of all boxes or devices in full 4k Ultra HD via CAT5 or CAT6 cabling. 

The added benefit of a centralized TV system and keeping all of the equipment in one location means your TV installation is free of unsightly cabling, perfect for seamless TV mounting. 

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