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David Mitchinson Systems Engineer

David has been working with ADS practically since our doors opened for business. 

Originally training under Stevan and David his skill set has grown immensely over the last 12 years, so much so, that he now runs many of our larger commercial projects alongside our directors. 

An extremely proud engineer, David’s work is famous for being immaculate, tidy and just ‘special’ in general. 

David is very well liked with all of our contractors and often gains their respect instantly for is fine accomplishments, diligence and work ethics. 

A genuine gentleman, big Arsenal Supporter and married with two lovely boys, David believes ‘The only way to achieve great work is to love what you do.’


A conqueror of Tough Mudder, One True Grit, Warrior Adrenaline Race, Hell Down South and Urban Rat Race.

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