Michael Mitchinson Installations Engineer

Michael is also one of our most loyal and longest standing members of staff of over 9 years and brother to David and James Mitchinson. 

Michael’s very obvious talent is working at heights; when our client’s want us to reach the unreachable – Michael is our solution. Fearless, exceptional and safety conscious Michael allows us to out shine our competitors within this section of expertise. 

A competent, bright and skilled engineer in both the domestic and commercial sectors; Michael is an essential team player offering our clients high quality industry knowledge whilst evoking confidence in what we do.  

His cheeky and lovable personality, make him extremely popular with other staff members and directors alike. 

A true blessing to the ADS family and Arsenal fanatic, Michael believes ‘If you don’t live for something, you’ll die for nothing’.


A conqueror of Tough Mudder several times.

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