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Internet Services

ADS Satellites & Aerials Ltd has extensive experience installing the very latest internet installations, including Cat Cable and Fibre Optic Structured Cabling Systems and reliable wireless facilities. 

We provide effective installation design to deliver systems that run smoothly with the highest level of performance for your computer equipment. We can also work with existing network installations to maximise their output and facilitate business expansion or rearranging your layout.

Our specialised installation service provides efficient networks that can be as advanced as your set up requires – incorporating indoor, outdoor and cross building design. We will advise you on the specific cabling and wireless technology options to effectively support your bandwidth and the distance you will be requiring data to travel. 

Our installers will then continue to communicate with you thoroughly as we build your network system, strictly conforming to Network Cabling Standards. Our network installations can be tailored to home, office or Commercial environments and can potentially be integrated with Virgin Cable Services, CCTV and Access Control.

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