Access Points

There is currently a huge demand for the design, installation and management of Access Points for both residential and commercial properties. Many of the modern AV audiovisual services require a good wifi signal and coverage. Without this, the equipment and devices are often rendered useless because the signal either keeps dropping out or can’t connect at all. 

Our engineers are experts at installing Ubiquiti Access Points, which are fitted across the property to increase the signal, range and connectivity of the wifi signal provided. This new technology is now programmed by us under one network and name so that all the devices using the signal drop in and out of the closes connection seamlessly, so having to log in and out of each zone for each devices is a thing of the past. 

We can now also programme our client's Ubiquiti network so that we can have ‘remote’ access to it should a problem or faults occur on it. Instantly, we can tell the client if there’s a problem with the incoming signal and to contact their service provider or whether it’s with our access point network. Then a site visit is only necessary if the access points are not functioning. 


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