Millions of people around the world connect to the Internet in their homes, businesses and other public spaces using a ‘Wireless Fidelity’ network otherwise known as ‘WiFi’. It is commonly used at home or in the office, especially in London and Hertfordshire area. Contact us now on 0800 876 6258 or 020 3757 6167 for same day call out!

WiFi is a way of connecting to broadband Internet services without wires. It allows users to connect several computers or devices at once, anywhere in the house or use a laptop in the garden.

Ensuring a location has a Wifi connection means that commercial sites such as offices, hotels, cafes and pubs are able to offer user-friendly public Internet access to their customers.

wifi router on a dining room table

What is WiFi?

WiFi creates a network or a zone (Wireless Local Area Network) where computers, laptops and hand-held devices can connect to broadband Internet services. It uses high frequency radio waves, just like TV or mobile phone, to enable quick and efficient communication between multiple devices in a specific area. 

A device called a wireless transmitter receives information from the internet via your broadband connection. The transmitter converts the information into a radio signal and sends it. The ‘audience’ for these transmissions is the computer, laptop or hand-held devices, which receive the radio signal via the wireless adapter.

The whole process, meanwhile, works in reverse, with the computers and devices sending information back to the wireless transmitter. It then converts information or data and sends it back, via the broadband connection.

How can ADS help?

Here at ADS Digital, we provide expert installation of MESH Technology and Access Points for homes, corporates offices, residential buildings, health and education facilities and retail environments. 

We do this by performing a full site survey for both new or existing networks and offer you impartial advice on solutions and branded equipment. Our systems are bespoke and tailored to the customer’s requirements with a firm emphasis on effective security, high performance and reliability. 

Our expert engineers can check the efficiency of your current set up and locate any fault that may be weakening your wireless reception or impacting potential performance.  

Our experienced engineers will offer advice for any problems uncovered and provide effective installation solutions following up with a site report and quotation.

For more information on how networking can assist your wifi connection for your home or business simply give our team a call today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and offer our advice. 

Highly Recommend

ADS put in some wireless access points and a digital aerial in our home to improve our WiFi and TV signals. We are very happy with the work done and enjoying finally having a decent signal. Wish we’d done it sooner! Very knowledgeable guys, super helpful, nothing was too much trouble and work completed efficiently and tidily. Would happily use them again.



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