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MESH technology otherwise known as networking is often the answer to Wifi headaches or hard-wired allows a large number of devices to function to capacity.

Imagine laying a visible mesh blanket over your home or business; the signal is then spread evenly to the locations it covers. Devices are then able to connect to your original signal because it has been distributed correctly. 

MESH systems are exceptionally flexible because you can start with a basic network and continue to extend or increase as you require it. 

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How can ADS help?

Our team of experts install mesh networks with optimum reception for bandwidth as well as hard-wired computer networks supported by safe and efficient structured cabling systems; using the very latest Cat cable specifications or Fibre Optic Communication. 
For more information on MESH technology and how it can help you at home or in your business premises call us today. 


First Class Customer Service

I selected ADS because:-
1) They were recommended by several people in the local Facebook group
2) Their excellent Trust Pilot rating

The certainly lived up to the rating. 
Customer service is first class. I wish all service providers that I ask to help me in my home had this focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

They did such a good job on the A/V and wireless access point mesh WiFi that I got them to quote for the CCTV. They did just a good job on that.

In terms of price, they are not the cheapest but they proved that it is worth paying a bit extra for their attitude and obsession with having happy customers.

I rarely review service providers on Trust Pilot but these guys deserve a five star rating.

What is Mesh Technology?

In your average internet connection, your service provider that supports the initial internet connection gives you a router.  You will then plug this into your telephone or wall socket and the router will spread the Wifi signal as far as it can within your home or business. 

Every wall, carpet, door and any other obstructions will weaken the signal, which means that some areas will have better signal and connection speed than others or have no signal at all. 

At this point, is where MESH technology is required and really takes internet connection to the next level. 

wifi router on a dining room table

By using Access Points strategically placed by our experienced engineers we can obtain the incoming internet speed throughout the property eradicating black spots whilst maintaining a much higher level of Wifi output than a single router can maintain.

The advanced equipment we use means that no manual device connection is needed when moving from one zone to the next and we are able to run diagnostics on your system and maintain it remotely should you experience any difficulties. This saves time and means you don’t have to wait for an engineer visit. If there’s a problem with your internet provider’s service – we can tell you. 




Our local engineers mean a quicker service - plus we're all CAI certified with up-to-date DBS checks.


All of our installations come with a 12 month warranty, giving your greater piece of mind.


Avoid any nasty surprises; what we quote is exactly what you'll pay.


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