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Our home and business space has become more and more connected. Gone are the days when the standard desktop computer was the only device being used with single landline connections. 

Nowadays, homes and businesses have multiple desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart-phones and are awash with SMART technology such as TVs, heating systems and sound systems. All of this now reliant on a single wireless network. 

Adding new devices can put a strain on existing network capacities which creates poor quality connections leading to a very frustrating user experience. 


Improving your WiFi connection

Are you fed up with slow or no Wifi connection? Not getting the bandwidth you were promised by your broadband provider? Plagued by your Wifi dropping in and out? We can help. 

We understand how vital a strong Wifi connection is for people’s homes and businesses alike. Using the latest technology available ADS Digital can make sure you receive a Wifi signal that everyone can use without being interrupted.  We install various strands of MESH technology including: 

  • Access point systems for home and businesses to obtain the incoming internet speed throughout the property
  • Hard-wired networking systems using the latest in CAT cable specification or fibre optic communication.

The advanced Access Point equipment we use means that no manual connection is needed when moving from one zone to the next and we are able to run diagnostics on your system and maintain it remotely should you experience any difficulties. This saves time and means you don’t have to wait for an engineer visit. If there’s a problem with your internet provider’s incoming service – we can tell you. 

We can provide a solution that provides a solid internet connection all over your home or business. Enjoy seamless connectivity for the following systems: 

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and phones
  • SkyQ
  • SMART televisions for applications like Amazin video or Netflix
  • Sound systems like Sonos and music applications such as Spotify
  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Interactive door bells
  • Access control
  • Gaming consoles
  • Wifi enabled devices

ADS Digital will ensure you have the correct long-term solution for your property. Call us today for more information on how access points can help you.

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