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Televisions have many uses in day to day life, if you are an avid watcher of the latest hit TV series, a Netflix fanatic, or you use Television sets in your business to keep your customers informed, having them set up correctly so you can obtain a crystal clear picture is of utmost importance.

ADS Digital specialises in ensuring that your TV's perform as well as you want them to, regardless of if it is a new flat-screen TV you've bough for your home, or several TV's you've purchased for your business, we are on-hand to ensure each one is set up correctly.

Our team of expert television engineers are able to install a variety of TV's for you, ranging from plasma TV's, LCD TV's and the latest 4K and 3D televisions.



Professional TV Installation

We offer a fully comprehensive tv installation service where we will work alongside you to make sure your TV is installed exactly where, and how you want it. 

Beyond installing the TV, we will also ensure that all the services you want available on your new TV are up and running and that all media runs effectively through the TV, producing crystal clear picture and sound quality. We can also make sure additional appliances and services work through your TV including:

  • Aerial & Satellite setup
  • Smart TV setup - Netflix, Spotify and Youtube as well as others working via the TV
  • Game console setup
  • Audio & Surround Sound setup

If you are adding televisions to your commercial property we can also advise on centralised TV systems and ensure the installation and setup of all TV's throughout your property are working correctly.

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