Climate control

Climate control that is smart and energy efficient

Being comfortable in your home is more than just adjusting the temperature. With automated climate control, you can set and adjust room temperatures, humidity levels, window shading, turn on the Hot Tub on the way home and program your entire house for maximum energy efficiency.

Enjoy a comfortable and inviting home that delivers energy-efficient climate control, convenient management of your pool and spa and enables easy communication for your family.

Adjust climate settings at the thermostat or through the user-interface from a touch screen or smartphone. Allow temperature and humidity to adjust according to the season. Even light the fireplace without ever leaving the sofa.

Whatever thermostat your home uses, we can give you an easy-to-use interface for adjusting the climate. You can control temperature, humidity and fan settings from your home or on the other side of the planet.

Tech specs

Wireless thermostats

Maintain consistent temperature and humidity control, regardless of the time of day or season.

Set personalised comfort settings

For each room that can be automatically turned on by setting a schedule or with just a few taps on your phone or touch screen.

Pools and Spas can be controlled

Turning on or off, and adjusting temperature settings, right from your smartphone.

Control your fireplace

By setting up ‘moods’ and changing between them at a push of a button.