WiFi and networking

With the current pace at which modern technology changes, the demand for High Speed WiFi Access and Networking has increased dramatically.

MESH technology otherwise known as networking is often the answer to WiFi headaches, allowing a large number of devices to function to full capacity. MESH systems are exceptionally flexible because you can start with a basic network and continue to extend or increase as you require it.

Superior WiFi and networking

Whether you have business premises, a dedicated home office, or simply have to provide for your family’s insatiable appetite for a seamless continuous High-Speed Internet connection – it’s vital to ensure you have a reliable, robust, secure network, running at its optimal performance. 

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WiFi 6 installation

Keeping your home connected

At ADS Smart Home we deliver the expert WiFi installation of wired and wireless network systems for all types of family homes or businesses. WiFi 6 meets the demands of a modern household, office or commercial premises that require large networks or server applications for sharing data. For maximum coverage and bandwidth we install MESH networks that supply the optimum bandwidth reception. 

Dependable performance

Whether it’s a Google Search, a film on Netflix, Xbox to iPads, we will install a network that is designed especially for your connected home, so everything is always performing.

We will ensure your network traffic is prioritised, so your experience is seamless, reliable, and consistently dependable.