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At ADS Digital we believe it’s important for you to know the kind of customers we have helped in the past. The below case studies allow us to show you exactly how we go about serving our customers and making sure the job gets done.

  • Project: Installation & Set-up of Samsung TV's with Sonos and Matrix System
  • Scope of Works: Planning, design, Installation and demonstration of TV and Sound System
  • Project Started: September 2018
  • Project: Audio Visual installation after Home Refurbment in Harringay, London.
  • Scope of Works: Installation of CCTV, Wireless Alarm & Access Point System.
  • Project Started: October 2018
  • Project: Watford FC - Fibre Optic TV System Maintenance
  • Client: Watford FC
  • Scope of Works: Providing Maintenance and Repairs
  • Project Started: August 2018
  • Project: CCTV Installation
  • Scope of Works: Private security system to cover all areas of the home
  • Project Started: October 2018
  • Project: Home CCTV Installation
  • Scope of Works: Installation of 4x Cameras with a DVR
  • Project: Centralised Matrix TV System with Networking and TV Installation - Totteridge N20
  • Scope of Works: Centralised TV Systems make for tidy installations, no visible cabling in Ultra High Definition with hard wired internet access
  • Project: Holiday Inn Express - Reactive Maintenance Services
  • Client: Holiday Inn Express
  • Scope of Works: Entire Hotel TV System down, 98 rooms with no signal with a World Cup England Match the same day!
  • Project Started: June
  • Project: Installation of TV's, Projector with Freeview HD
  • Client: Hootananny Live Music Bar in Brixton, London.
  • Scope of Works: Installation of TV's, Projector Screen in High Definition
  • Project Started: June 2018
  • Project: SkyQ Communal System Upgrade
  • Client: Residents of Hamel Mansions
  • Scope of Works: Upgrading Sky+HD Systems for the new SkyQ
  • Project Started: June 2018
  • Project: Fibre Optic IRS Installation - Wendal Court, SW8
  • Client: Neilcott Construction Group
  • Scope of Works: Wendal Court built using a Fibre Optic backbone, manual fibre splicing with a return to Coax
  • Project Started: April 2018
  • Project: TV, Speakers and Guitar Wall Mounting - Mascot Label Group
  • Client: Mascot Label Group
  • Scope of Works: We mount more than TV's even the client's guitars.
  • Project Started: May 2018
  • Project: Home Cinema Room - Whetstone, North London.
  • Scope of Works: Luxury Viewing and Sound Room with Comfort Seating
  • Project Started: June 2018

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