Visit our cutting-edge Smart Home Showroom in St Albans

Immerse yourself in the Seamless Luxury of Home Automation, at our state-of-the-art Smart Home Showroom in St Albans.

Our High-Tech Showroom has to be seen to be believed. Covering 1,590 square feet over 3 levels, it’s the ultimate Immersive Experience, demonstrating the very latest in Smart Home Technology. See for yourself how the latest Digital Innovations can be incorporated into your home or workplace, and discover the simplicity of the touchscreens that let you control it all.

TV and Home Cinema

If you love Cinema, you’ll be wowed by the Vault, our Smart Controlled, designer styled Home Cinema Experience. Combining cutting-edge audiovisual technology with the ultimate in comfort and style, it’s a must-see destination for every film buff.

Looking for a slightly smaller screen? With crystal clear visuals and professional-standard audio, our Smart TV is a highlight of the living area. Featuring a High Definition Screen for the ultimate visual experience, the TV comes equipped with a finely tuned surround system that can echo cinema or live venue conditions.

ADS: Designing the Smart Homes of tomorrow

With a visit to our Showroom, you’ll experience the true potential of Smart Home Technology and our technicians will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We can advise on everything from the equipment you need to create your audio-visual experience, through to the most appropriate place to set up the equipment. Our Smart Home services include everything you will need to recreate the technology featured in our Showroom – from impressive home sound systems to wifi and networking installation. For a seamless smart home setup, get in touch today.

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