High definition multi-room TV and audio

Enjoy Ultra High Definition streaming and music throughout your entire home without having all the annoying
cables to the TV, bulky hardware and loads of remotes. With Multi-Room TV and Audio, everyone can watch the same movie or listen to their music in a room of their choice. You can share and stream all your video and music satellite channels throughout the house without requiring any additional equipment.

Your room,
your choice

High-resolution, Multi-Room TV and Audio is available when and where you want it via a selection of speakers. You can choose between in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall speakers, sub woofers, soundbars or possibly your Alexa.

But great sound isn’t just for when you’re at home. If you’re a business owner and want to enhance your customer experience, check out our sound system solutions for business.

Play all of your favourite TV and music everywhere with just a touch of a button, smartphone, tablet, handheld remote, touchscreen, wireless keypads or voice control via Alexa, the choice is yours.