How much will my aerial installation cost?

Our aerial installation cost starts from £120+VAT, but is dependent on a number of factors. These are the key things we’ll take into account when quoting the cost of your aerial installation:

  • Location and Accessibility
  • Equipment
  • Engineer Skill and Company Integrity
  • Type of Aerial

Location and Accessibility 

Your location will play a part in the strength of your signal, including how easy it is for our team to access your site. The location of the aerial itself will also be considered - you may choose to have your aerial installed inside, outside or in a loft. Areas with a weaker signal are likely to need aerial installation outside of the property, which can increase the time required for a complete installation. Therefore, the aerial installation cost will increase.

Equipment for your aerial installation

The aerial installation cost will increase if additional equipment is required, for example, extra cables, an aerial booster or longer poles. If you live in an area with a weaker signal, you may find that your aerial installation takes longer to get right. Your engineer should ensure that there is a clear line of sight for your aerial to prevent any signal disruption, and this can take extra time - and possibly equipment. We pride ourselves on our thorough approach and high standards of service, but we take care to ensure that our solutions are always cost-effective for you. 

Engineer Skill and Company Integrity

Ensure that you’re using a reputable company to avoid accruing any unnecessary aerial installation costs. It isn’t uncommon to discover that your supplier may be trying to sell-in additional extras if a project is small - and you probably don’t need them. 
If we feel that your project may require further time or resources, we will always envisage to be as up-front as possible, and ensure that your installation is cost-effective - whatever it requires.

Type of Aerial

It is, of course, important to consider the type of aerial that your project requires. If you are operating as a commercial business, or are looking to watch television in multiple rooms in your home, it’s important that your aerial is capable of drawing in a sufficient signal that can be split into a number of rooms without any reduction of picture quality, or without danger of any interruptions to a business’ operations. 
To find out more about the specific costs involved with your project, get in touch for an introductory conversation or a free quote. 

About ADS Digital

Whether you’re looking for Freeview, Sky, or BT TV, ADS Digital provide top quality, cost-effective aerial installation services across London and the South East, and have been installing and repairing aerials for over 12 years. We cover both domestic and commercial installations, and we pride ourselves on our efforts to understand every customer and their needs. We try to offer a bespoke service wherever possible and take every step we can to offer the best possible service! 

We don’t just install aerials, we can also get your satellite up and running and provide audio-visual solutions from installing your television and sound systems to creating your own fully immersive home cinema experience. We can then help you secure your home and exciting new television and sound systems with our CCTV and security services
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