How to check if a TV aerial is working?

You can picture the scene. You’ve come in from a hard day’s work and fancy watching something on the box. Only to turn the TV on and nothing.
Whilst there are many potential reasons why you aren’t getting any reception, we will concentrate on looking at the aerial.


Check the aerial on the roof

Maybe there has been a recent storm or high winds and your aerial might have broken or be in the wrong position. You don’t have to climb on to the roof as you can see obvious damage from the ground. 

Is your aerial connected?

Sometimes the most simplest solution can fix your problem. Make sure that the cable is inserted and secure, both in your television and in the wall socket.

Is it your cable or your television?

There are two easy ways to check if it’s your TV or the cable. First, if you have another one available, is to get a second TV and try it on the cable that you suspect might be broken. If it works, then it could be down to the television. However, don’t be too eager to throw it out, there could be another explanation. 

The second way is to take your TV and try it on a cable you definitely know is working. If you can get a signal from this other cable then you have narrowed down the problem to your initial connection.

Do other devices work on the television?

The reason why you aren’t getting a signal could be that you are using the wrong input channel or that the tuning has reset for some reason. Try and plug in another device, such as a games console or a DVD player. If you can get a picture from that, then it’s looking more likely that it’s the aerial at fault.

Test the aerial signal strength

It’s possible to buy a piece of equipment that tests your signal strength. They are fairly straightforward to use and normally have a digital display or a series of lights to show you how strong the signal is coming through the cable. However if it turns out that the signal is weak or non-existent then you will still have the challenge of working out how to fix it.

If you have tried all these tips and are still coming up without a solution, then it might be time to call in the expert aerial installers here at ADS Digital. We have years of experience, so give us a call today on 0800 876 6258 or via our contact page.


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