We can Install a Smart Home Projector and Screen in Camden, London, NW1

On a rainy day, when the world outside seems to blur into a haze of grey, why not retreat to the cosy sanctuary of your bedroom? With the touch of a button, you can transform this space into your personal haven, away from the dreariness outside. Imagine pressing a button and watching as the automated blinds gracefully descend, shutting out the cold and dampness.

As the rain patters against the windowpanes, you settle in, ready to indulge in the ultimate cinematic experience! With the flick of a switch, the projector comes to life and the hidden screen unfurls, revealing itself like a secret treasure waiting to be discovered.

The wonders of modern technology! With just a few simple commands, you’ve created a haven of relaxation and entertainment, right in the comfort of your own home. So why let a wintery rainy day dampen your spirits when you can turn it into an opportunity for cosy indulgence? With the magic of automation, your bedroom becomes more than just a place to sleep – it becomes a sanctuary where you can escape, unwind and watch your favourite film or TV programme. The ADS team can fulfil all your smart home needs in Camden and all over London.

Locations within London we serve

Here at ADS Smart Home, we have been delivering high-quality domestic and commercial home-automation solutions in and around London for over 15 years. 

Areas we have provided smart home services around the Golders Green, London area include:

  • Hampstead
  • Golders Green
  • Camden
  • Mill Hill
  • Hendon
  • Kentish Town
  • St Johns Wood
  • Colindale

Our team offers full installation and fast, responsive smart home maintenance throughout London. 

Looking for Smart Home Installers?

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Our smart-home interior designers will work with you during a detailed consultation process to fully understand your vision and gather everything we need to bring it to life.

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