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Projector Installation

Getting that true cinema experience is a dream for many, and whilst you can easily achieve this with a large flat-screen TV, nothing beats the magic of having a projector installation to truly capture the movie magic of the cinema.

We also understand the need to ensure you have a projector setup and ready to go for your events and conferences. The last thing you need when preparing for a presentation is for the projector to not work

Regardless of the type of projector setup you need, we will begin all of our work with a site survey to ensure we find the right projector for the job.



Bespoke Projector Installations

We are specialists when it comes to projector installations. Regardless of your need, if you're looking to add a ceiling-mounted projector to your cinema room, want a projector setup for your conference, or if you're looking to add one to a classroom, we can ensure you get the best quality projector for your money.

For any projector installation, we realise that the projector is only half the step, ensuring you have an appropriate surface to project onto is also of vital importance, that is why we don't just supply projectors, but we also have a range of electric screens to compliment our projectors.

Whether you are looking for a projector for the classroom, a conference room, or your cinema room at home, we begin all of our projector installations with a site survey. From here we will be able to discuss your requirements and budget to make sure we get the right set up for your needs. We do not carry any stock for projectors; this is how we
make sure we get the right projector for your budget, whilst also offering you the latest in technology and brands.

If you are currently working with external contractors and third parties, we are also more than happy to deal with them directly, regardless of who we work with we will always endeavour to compete power and cabling setup before the build is completed. 


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