Smart Home interior designers

Automated home technology is there to make your life easier, but a Smart Home also needs to look the part. That’s where our Smart Home Interior Design service comes in. Hand-in-hand with your Smart Home Installation, we’ll create for you a fully equipped beautiful interior, integrating cutting-edge technology with intuitive flow and stylish aesthetics.

Our Smart Home Interior Designers will work closely with you to ensure that your new spaces reflect your desired style, whether you’re creating a personal sanctuary in your own home or a commercial space for others to use. As well as traditional considerations like the colour scheme and layout, we’ll integrate your smart devices seamlessly into your overall design scheme.


Explore the possibilities, dream big, and let us turn your Smart Home aspirations into reality. Your future awaits – get excited for a smarter, more beautiful home!

Our interior design services

Concept design
Layout & spatial planning
Lighting design
Sourcing & installing materials
Placement & styling
Smart Device integration

Working together to create the perfect space

Interior Design is a collaborative process, so we take care to make sure you have full input at every stage of the project. Our Smart Home Interior Designers will work with you during a detailed consultation process, to understand your vision and gather everything we need to bring it to life.

2-Hour consultation

We can do this in person at your home, at the ADS Smart Home HQ or online via Zoom. By visiting your home or site we can get a feel for the space, or by coming to our showroom you can get inspiration for what’s possible in terms of smart house interior design.

Digital scheme board

Bringing everything together into an interactive design plan, the digital scheme board will include the proposed colour palette, materials and inspirational images that convey the mood or aesthetic you’re looking for.

Layout plan

We’ll work out what goes where, offering a scale plan of the new layout. This is always designed to be intuitive and ergonomic, so that it feels joyous to walk through and use your newly designed room.

Itemised shopping list

Once we have your smart home interior design plans finalised, we’ll list, cost up and source all the items required to transform your space. We’ll always keep you informed of exactly what we are buying and how it fits into your design.

Why choose ADS for your smart home interiors?

Integrated service

No need to find a third party: with ADS Smart Home your technology installation and interior design are all completed together in tandem.

Smart Home specific

Designing a Smart Home is a specialist job. Our Smart Home Interior Designers understand how to work Smart Technology into the design of your space.

Ergonomic luxury by design

From Smart Lighting to free-flowing layouts, everything we do is designed to enhance the experience of your Smart Home Interior.

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