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How does our home sound system installation work?

The first step in installing your home audio system will be a site survey, where our skilled AV engineers will take a look at your home and speak to you so we can better understand what your requirements are.

We will also examine the speakers you would like to install and the rooms you would like your audio to reach. After this, we will provide you with a quote of our services; you can rest assured that we will charge you honestly and with no hidden costs!

When deciding what speaker setup is best for your needs, you will have to determine whether you would like to have a hard-wired or a wireless system. With the advance of modern wireless speaker technology, what used to be a big difference in sound quality between wireless and wired speakers has narrowed considerably. Nowadays, you can find speakers that have remarkable capabilities regardless of their wiring - or lack thereof. 


Types of Sound Systems

One major bonus of a wired setup is that you are given far more precise control over your music through your amplifier, which is not possible with wifi connected speakers. 

Wireless sound system installations are becoming increasingly popular as you need far fewer components and only a decent WIFI signal or access to Bluetooth to stream music throughout your home. Brands such as Bose and Sonos offer a zoning setup whereby you can play songs in multiple rooms, from your upstairs bathroom to your dining room. 

You can connect using your smart devices such as your iPhone and iPad, as well as your computer. Some brands manufacture speakers that are connected via apps and can be voice-controlled through Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.  

No matter what you choose, our team will consider the placement, mounting and design so that you have an optimal experience throughout your house, whether you are listening to your favourite audiobook, podcast or weekly playlist. 



This is the third time I have used ADS and as usual, they did not disappoint. I have recently moved house and the team have installed and set me up with an intricate AV system over 10 + rooms. They have fully integrated Sky, Freeview, DVD, CCTV and SONOS.

What kind of audio system installations do we offer?

We offer both commercial sound system and hard-wired and wireless home sound system installations so that you are able to stream audio through your property in the way that best fits your building and purposes. Our engineering team will take into account speaker placement, design, layout and quality of Wi-Fi signal when we make our initial site survey. 

If your Wi-Fi signal is poor, we will offer either additional access point installation or bridges to increase your range and connectivity across your home or business. Additionally, we can help you set up audio systems in multiple rooms. Major brands such as Sonos offer a zoning function, whereby you can stream audio from one or more sources within several locations, which is great for entertainment for commercial and home purposes. 


You also have the option to control your audio system via different means. Many speakers now offer voice control functions as well as interactive control through your smart devices such as your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, we can also set up your speakers to be controlled through a computer system. 

As all of our audio system installations are designed to fit your budget and specifications, please note that we do not carry stock with us on our initial site survey. We are more than happy to deal directly with contractors or clients directly. Either way, we ensure the power, cabling and set-up is correct before the second fix stages. 

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