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Buying a new TV is exciting, regardless of if you are buying the latest in UHD, 4K or 3D TV's, down to HD plasma and LCD screens, there is always excitement around buying a new TV.

Recent technological advances have made TV installation more complex than ever. There are so many additional services, applications along with wifi connection to consider, the setup process can be time-consuming. To then have to consider wall mounting it yourself all the excitement of your new TV is lost. 

Setting up a TV has never been trickier, and our professional engineers at ADS Digital are here to help make that process easier, from the hanging or mounting of the TV, through to concealing unsightly cables.


TV Wall Mounting Service

Saving space is important for every household, and what better way to save space with the new TV you have bought, than by wall mounting it. We offer a tv wall mounting service that ensures you get the perfect positioning for your TV no matter where you are in the room. 

We are able to provide all the latest TV wall mounts and brackets, so if you would like your TV to come out on an arm to be repositioned, we can fit those too.

Finally, one of the most important looks for wall mounting a TV is to ensure that all of your wires and cabling are concealed by either using trunking or feeding the cables through the wall. We are able to provide both solutions, however, we would always recommend that you use your builder or decorator to make good of any walls that are to be chased out.

How can ADS help?

No matter the size of your TV, or if it is a high-definition TV, a 3D TV, or the latest UHD 4k TV, we have experience installing TV's of all sizes and are more than confident that we will be able to wall mount your TV in an efficient and professional manner.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and professionalism and are fully qualified and insured to hang televisions. Our engineers only work in teams of two so we can offer our customers that peace mind when handling heavy and expensive equipment. 
We will work with you, and ensure that you are completely happy with location and positioning before we finish the job, and if appropriate, we will also give you a demonstration. Call us today for more information and pricing. 

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