ADS Smart Home offer stark warning on crime over the festive period

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Date: 20th December 2018
ADS Smart Home issue stark warning about crime over the festive period

ADS Smart Home, the Hertfordshire-based digital engineering company, is issuing a stark warning to homeowners about crime over the festive season.

It comes as figures analysed by the firm, show there’s been a rise in the number of crimes, including burglaries, robberies and vehicles, in the county over the last four years.

There was a total of 5869 recorded crimes in the county in December 2013. That compares to 8557 in December last year – an increase of 46%.

ADS co-founder Alex Kosh said: “I’m not surprised by these figures.

“Unfortunately, there is always a rise of burglaries during the christmas period which therefore gives people the incentive to have CCTV installed in their home.

“Being broken into can have a devastating impact not least at this time of year when, if Christmas presents are stolen, it can be absolutely heart-breaking for the family and quite literally ruin Christmas.”

According to research, properties without security are up to five times more likely to be affected by burglaries and robberies and vacant properties in particular are prime targets for thieves and trespassers.

Alex adds: “There are posts about attempted break-ins and burglaries on our neighbourhood watch group every week. It really is scary!

“Just last week four houses near where I live were targeted!

“There are also other ways of protecting your home, such as alarms or Ring DoorBells.

“Not everyone can finance these types of installations though – so double locking your doors and gates or keeping your lights on may help.

“Corner houses always fall victim to break-ins/burglaries as it easy to gain access from jumping over a fence.

“Houses that are not well lit from the the outside are also targeted.

“Installing a sensor flood light usually scares the burglars away.”

ADS Smart Home recommend homeowners and tenants use the website guide on crime prevention, and for local authorities, housing associations, commercial, retail and facilities managers to at least seek a risk assessment of their vacant property portfolio.

Follow these simple steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of burglary:

  • Lock doors, windows, side gates every time you leave the house
  • Store high value items, such as jewellery and passports, in a properly secured safe
  • Keep ladders and tools stored away
  • Keep all keys out of sight and away from letterboxes
  • Remove valuables from view of ground floor windows
  • Install a visible burglar alarm
  • Have good outdoor lighting or motion sensor security lights

ADS Smart Home install CCTV and security systems using the most efficient and reliable technology available and can incorporate the most innovative surveillance equipment on the market, no matter the need or size of the CCTV installation, ADS Smart Home will be able to find a package that suits a person’s needs.


About ADS Smart Home

ADS Smart Home is a family run business which was established 12 years ago. They cover both domestic CCTV, commercial CCTV installations and CCTV repairs. ADS Smart Home have a major client list stretching from the private, government and development sectors. Earlier this year the firm celebrated the launch of their brand new website. This was created in response to the growing demand for audio-visual installations and so-called “Smart Homes”

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