Burglar alarm installation cost

Deciding which burglar alarm system to install can be somewhat of a confusing process with the hundreds of cutting-edge products that are available both online and instore. Previously, intruder alarm systems were limited to a few varieties of technology, but nowadays are available incredibly easily, at lower costs than ever.

Burglar alarm installation can cost anywhere between £200 and £1000, with monthly maintenance fees in addition. 

We explain the factors which can impact the cost you pay to have your alarm system installed.

Factors which can impact the cost of burglar alarm systems

  • The brand. As with many electronic products from phones to microwaves, the brand is an essential factor which can impact the pricing of an alarm system. 
  • Size of the location. While smaller areas such as homes or flats may require a less complex installation process, bigger commercial projects need a precise design, calculation and potential integration with additional security measures. This may include integration with surveillance cameras or even existing fire alarm systems. 
  • System complexity. With wired burglar alarm systems, it may be necessary to wire your alarm along with your building’s existing system. Alternatively, setting up a new wired system may be more time and effort consuming depending on the size of your building. Other intruder alarms may also have additional sensors and features which may take time to calibrate. 
  • Type of system. There are several types of intruder alarms which are available on the market, such as motion sensors, break glass detectors, door and window sensors, safe alarms and shock sensors. All of these alarms have different features and can be integrated into a competent security system to ensure that your property is optimally protected. 

How do burglar alarm system installations work?

Burglar alarm system installation costs are almost completely dependent on the type of system that you choose. Generally speaking, most alarm systems are completely functional independently but can be added to existing security protocols to add another layer of protection, therefore further deterring criminal activity. 

If you already have a security system, you may be aware that most systems come with a control panel which can be used to manage the system. These will be installed to link up all alarms/cameras, enabling it to collect and process information from each detector and provide a response accordingly. This response may be anything from setting off an alarm sound to sending you a message remotely via your phone to alert you of a break-in. 

With the advancement of intruder alarm technology, many systems are also capable of being managed from remote locations. This can be linked up to authorised electronic devices, such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones for access on the go. This gives you peace of mind when travelling abroad or leaving your premises on extended trips. When alarms are triggered, you will be informed and where necessary, an emergency response team can also be alerted. 

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