How to install apps on Sky Q

Perhaps you're trying to play your songs on Spotify through your TV, or you're trying to watch your favourite TV show on Netflix. 
By installing your favourite apps onto your Sky Q means you can watch more TV shows, get access to many more channels, or catch up on films, programmes, documentaries on Netflix, YouTube, or BBC IPlayer. 
However, you may be wondering, how do I install apps on Sky Q? How do I download my apps, such as Netflix, Iplayer or Spotify?

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What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is Sky's most recent television package. It combines a variety of television shows into a single package. Sky Q has up to 5000 hours of television available for on-demand viewing or recording, pausing, and rewinding at your leisure.

Even if you are late for a live television show, you can always rewind and start watching from the beginning. 

In addition to content from your Sky TV package, the Sky Q box gives you access to popular apps such as Netflix, ITV, and Youtube. We have a simple three-step guide on how to install Netflix on Sky Q or other apps.

3 simple steps on how download apps on Sky Q

Our 3 simple steps will help you install apps on Sky Q in no time. 
On your Sky Q homepage, you will see headings on the left side of the screen.
Scroll down the list of headings until you find the one labelled "Apps."
Once you've found this heading, clicking on it should bring up a list of all the available apps to download on your Sky Q box.

What apps are available on Sky Q?

There are many different apps available on Sky Q to install. But some to enjoy are:
Amazon Prime
Disney +
BBC Iplayer
Youtube and Youtube Kids

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