Smart Home energy saving: How can a Smart Home save you money?

With energy prices skyrocketing in the UK, we’re all considering how we can cut the costs of our bills over the colder months. Ofgem found that the typical household energy bills hit £3,549 in October 2022, and these look like they could rise as much as £7,000 in 2023. These prices are making most of us consider how we can make our homes more efficient this winter. Smart homes are not only about convenience, but also efficiency. Being in control of your heating, lighting and appliances through your smartphone or tablet means that you can check if something has been left on when you’re not at home.

Read on to find out more about smart home energy saving and how smart home features can help you to save on your monthly bills.

What is smart heating? Does smart heating save money?

Smart heating is one of the most intelligent smart home energy-saving features. It allows you to have complete control over your heating using a smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. It works by connecting your boiler to an app on your smart home, and it allows you to create heating schedules in the colder months. Depending on your budget and what automation suits you best, smart heating can save money by controlling individual radiators in each room in your home. This is a fantastic feature for when you’re not always using every room. Smart heating is available with Control4 home automation through climate control. 

What is smart lighting? 

Smart lighting is an advanced way to control the light in your home with your phone app. With just a click of a button on your app, you can control different lights around your home, as well as being able to put them on timers if you wish. Like smart heating, this lighting system offers smart home energy-saving features with energy-efficient bulbs and remote lighting control when you’re not at home. To help you keep your home secure when you’re away, smart lighting allows you to turn on lights for added security. Like smart heating, it also integrates seamlessly with Control4 home automation.

What are smart plugs? 

Smart plugs are an incredibly affordable way to increase efficiency in your home. They allow you to switch on, or turn off, appliances via your mobile phone app.  These cost-effective plugs also allow you to save money on your bills by switching off appliances that will be consuming electricity, even though they’re on standby. These costly culprits are often game consoles and TVs. 

Control4 Automation

If you want a complete smart home setup for total convenience and efficiency, we highly recommend Control4 automation. Control4 automation is an operating system that is able to seamlessly connect and unify the technology inside your home. This means that all of your electronics, such as your TV, lighting and sound system can be controlled in one place. 

Not only can your heating, lighting, and plugs be controlled remotely via an app, Control4 also includes:

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