Michael Cumberbatch Installations Engineer

Michael is the newest member of the ADS family only joining us in June 2018, having enjoyed a successful and varied career path in the retail and construction industries. 

Michael’s commitment to customer service is unmistakable and clearly linked to his vast retail experience along with his genuine persona and compassionate nature. A real success with many of our long-standing client’s already because of his tidy work, carpentry and plastering experience. A must-have skill set for the ‘aesthetics’ of the audio-visual sector. 

Michael is an ambitious individual and would like to build his knowledge and skill set to enable him to move into the commercial Fibre Optic systems FIRS; building and designing SMART Homes of the future. 

A motivated and conscientious worker - Michael has settled into our team quickly showing great devotion to his colleagues. 

Michael likes to hit the ground running in life and work alike; especially when he’s not perusing his favourite sports. He’s competitive nature means he likes to try new things and doesn’t shy from taking a new approach. 

Michael lives with his long-term partner and believes 'Every time you subtract the negative, you make room for the positive.'




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