Home CCTV installation cost

The cost of your home CCTV installation will vary based on a number of factors in relation to the type of security system you’re looking for and the time it requires from a contractor, but is likely to start from around £300. More complex systems can cost anywhere between £500-£2500.

The type of camera(s) that you choose will have the biggest impact on the cost, but there are other factors to consider including the location of your camera, whether you can install it yourself and how complex your home CCTV system needs to be. 

Type of CCTV system

The type of CCTV system that you choose for your property will likely have the largest impact on the price of your home CCTV installation. Basic systems with fewer cameras require less setup time and are less likely to have any complex features, whereas wireless systems or those that include lots of cameras are likely to incur additional costs.
High-end cameras record at a higher resolution, for example in 4K colour, which gives a clearer image and is more expensive as a result, but is also particularly important should your CCTV footage be required as part of a police investigation.
You can now even install systems which enable you to access live footage of your property whilst away from it, receive notifications or use a mobile device to project your voice into your home in the event that you have seen an intruder on camera.

Location of cameras 

The cost of your home cctv installation is likely to be effected by where you choose to place your cameras.
If you camera(s) requires mains connection it will need to be carried out by a qualified electrician, and multi-camera systems should be well designed to ensure that lighting is adequate and distinguish whether infrared or night vision cameras are required. If this is the case, you may wish to connect your home CCTV to an alarm system, if you have one.

How to install home CCTV

You may choose to opt for a simple CCTV system and install it yourself. If you don’t require multiple cameras across your property or any adhancing features (such as colour, image quality, night vision, zoom capabilities etc.), it is possible for you to purchase a camera and install it yourself.
Ensure that your cameras are situated at a high, broad angle, ideally in a corner, which displays all entrances and exits in and out of your home. Outdoor cameras should be installed above ten feet so that they cannot be accessed and defaced by any potential intruders.
It is recommended that complex home CCTV installation projects utilise professionals to ensure that the design and planning of your system is suitable and effective.

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