Which appliances use the most electricity at home

It’s easy to boil a kettle ten times before you finally manage to make a cup of tea. Perhaps the phone rang or maybe the bath overflowed. In well-developed countries, electricity is there for our convenience, and luckily so because life is simply too chaotic for it not to be so.

But what if we only boiled the kettle when we actually needed it, not just on the off chance we might be able to sit down and drink a cup of tea?

And what if we only boiled the exact amount of water necessary? The same goes for bath time – what if we were sensible about the amount and temperature of our bath water? The amount of money we throw away every day because we are so careless about electricity is ridiculous, and more than that, it’s unnecessary.

Appliances that create heat or movement use a lot more electricity than those that create sound or light, so if we want to save money then we need to be prudent about these things.

Heating, for example, is a luxury that nine times out of ten we overdo. Throw on another layer or double up the blankets instead of exploiting that electric blanket.

Nonetheless, lightbulbs might be low down on the price spectrum but they get the most use.

Switching off the lights when you leave the room could reduce your bill by a surprisingly significant amount.

There are some things we can do to reduce our electricity usage and some things we can’t.

For instance fridges and freezers are best left on, for the sake of hygiene and also because such things actually use more energy when turned off and on again.

But for the sake of both our bank accounts and for the environment, good ventilation, insulation and common sense is prudent in modern homes for a lasting and sustainable future.


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