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Kings Street - Fibre Optic IRS system installation

  • Project: Kings Street - Fibre Optic IRS system installation
  • Client: Metrix Interiors
  • Project Description: Fibre Optic IRS system insallation for residential apartments
  • Scope of Works: 9-wire Fibre Optic IRS system installation
  • Project Started: April 2017
  • Project Completed: April 2017
  • Project Value: 9 Dwellings

Kings Street – a small residential project of luxury apartments providing a range of TV services to each TV outlet including SkyQ, Sky+HD, Digital Freeview, DAB & FM radio services. 

The FIRS system comprised of a Fibre Optic backbone with a return to coax within the apartment. 

Designed, installed and commissioned within 2 weeks. 

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